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      Case Studies

      Animals Asia

      PowerPoint Template

      Modern Dental Pacific

      TrioClear Launch Campaign

      Noosa Chances

      Brand Identity

      Treasury Wine Estates

      An Infographic


      Onsite design support & bid document

      Sydney Water

      Job description template

      Pernod Ricard

      Custom designed PowerPoint presentation and master template

      Sydney Water

      Suite of Templates

      Charter Hall

      Rebranded MS Office Template Suite Build, Automation and Rollout

      Peter Lehmann

      50 second hype video

      American Express

      Editable Word Template & Email Banner Design

      Coca Cola Amatil

      Graphic Design of 3 Web Banners


      Investor Relations Presentation Design and Onsite Assistance


      Presentation Design and Animation


      Tender Onsite Assistance

      Bank of Melbourne

      Presentation and Video Production


      Editable "How-To" Video Production

      Modern Dental Pacific

      Dental Guidebook Design and Production


      Animated Video Production

      Nix Anderson

      Business Rebrand


      Rebranded MS Office Template Suite Build, Automation and Rollout

      Leighton Properties

      Submission Design, Template Build, Population and Print — PitchPRO